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 Beginning Meditation Class Extended Until Feb. 11
Experience the benefits of meditation in your life. Inner peace, health, and spiritual awakening. Ananda is one of the oldest and largest centers for meditation training in the Bay Area. Thousands of people from every walk of life have learned to meditate in Ananda classes over the past forty years.

Time: 7-8 p.m.
Date: Wed., Jan.21-Feb. 11
Cost: $75 (includes text)
Instructor: Doug Andrews
Information: yoga@anandascottsvalley.org
Phone: 831-338-9642
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Art & Science of Raja Yoga Series
This 12-week immersion, offered once each year. Raja Yoga encompasses all the different types of Yoga, including meditation, devotional practices, dispassionate discrimination and wisdom, as well as the physical postures well-known in the West. Raja Yoga offers a scientific approach to the spiritual life, with techniques for stilling the mind and expanding our awareness of spiritual realities. It offers techniques for self-mastery in every aspect of life, from calming turbulent emotions to awakening deep compassion and love for others. Ultimately, it is a well-explored pathway, walked by countless yogis and mystics, to union with God.

The teachings are Raja Yoga are compatible with the core teachings of all the great world religions, and devoted members of other faiths are also an active part of Ananda.

Part 1: Lessons in Meditation (3 weeks, begins Jan. 21)
Part 2: The Art & Science of Yoga (5 weeks, begins Feb. 18)
Part 3: The Art and Science of Yoga (7 weeks, begins April 1)
Part 4: The Guru-Disciple Relationship (4 weeks, schedule to be announced)

Classes include:
Hatha: Postures as a preparation for deep meditation.
Pranayama: Control the breath to harmonize, increase, and direct energy in the body. Learn how to reduce fatigue, depression, lack of mental clarity, and other stress-related illnesses through the practice of pranayama.
Meditation: Experience meditation as a powerful spiritual practice—a way to make God real in your life. Devotion, an understanding of our chakras, and the role of the guru are a part of that exploration.
Healing: Learn yoga practices to help relieve many conditions, including chronic pain, insomnia, high blood pressure, nervous disorders, weight problems, digestion, heart ailments, and stress.
Diet: Learn how food affects consciousness, and what types of food benefit your health and your spiritual life.
Instructor: Doug Andrews
Information: yoga@anandascottsvalley.org
Phone: 831-338-9642

Ongoing Sunday Meditation and Services

Join us every Sunday for group meditation from 9-10:15am. This includes energization exercises, devotional chanting, and 40 minute meditation.

Meditation is followed by service from 10:30am-12:00pm. Service includes devotional chanting, spiritual readings and a talk by our Spiritual Director, Doug Andrews, as well as guest speakers.